Callous / Corns

A callous is an area of thickened hard skin, which is formed in response to excessive pressure applied to the area. When a callous develops it can be due to a biomechanical abnormality, tight fitting footwear, or some people are more prone to developing callouses.


Callous can be painful on direct pressure, especially in shoes and can create a burning sensation in the area. Corns are a more pinpoint area of hard thick skin and usually have a deep seated core.


Treatment involves taking out the deep core of a corn and/or debriding the dead callous away. Also, footwear advice and aiming to deflect the pressure away from the site may prevent the corn from returning as quickly.


Please be aware that if the pressure/rubbing continues, the corn or callous is likely to gradually return after treatment and therefore a regular appointment is sometimes required.


Corn pads containing acid are not advisable and should NEVER be used by diabetics and those with diminished circulation.

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