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Michael Tamaddoni

Clinical Director / Senior Physiotherapist

Michael grew up in the USA and did his physio training in the states over 7 years and 2 degrees, a BS in Exercise Science Sports Medicine at Colorado State University and then did his Doctor of Physical Therapy at Duke University. He then spent 5 years practicing in the USA before meeting his wife and moving to Australia in 2013. He has spent the last 4+ years in Australia practicing physiotherapy in the outpatient setting.

Michael has a diverse background in sport playing soccer as a child for 8 years, American Football(NFL) in High School and College, Wrestling, Track and Field, Olympic weightlifting and Since his early 20’s has been running, cycling and swimming. Completing distance Triathlons From sprint to 70.3 distance events. His favorite sport though is cycling and he has competed in various club, state and international amatuer cycling events. The pinnacle was in 2016 qualifying for and finishing in the top 50 of the Gran Fondo World Championships.

Michael has a diverse clinical background in outpatient settings and can treat a variety of outpatient musculoskeletal conditions of the entire body. However his clinic interests involve biomechanics of the lower extremity and how they affect sport performance. Michael has an extensive training and background and experience in performing running assessments and bike fit/assessment. He is also a certified strength and conditioning expert and understands how biomechanics and strength go hand in hand and must be addressed.

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