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Are you looking for the best permanent solution for your Heel Pain?

That will guarantee you

  • The quickest reduction in your pain
  • The fastest way for you to return to your favourite activities
  • A permanent solution that ensures that your heel pain will never come back

Which is our unique approach to treating Heel Pain, can help you!

ModPod Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy, is a multidisciplinary clinic specialising in foot and ankle injuries. We have developed PodPhysio which is a unique approach that combines the key elements of podiatry and physiotherapy into one structured treatment plan.

The treatment philosophy behind PodPhysio, is based on how physiotherapy strengthens, heals, and repairs the structures so you can cope with normal load, whilst podiatry uses orthotics to off load the abnormal forces on the specific injured tissue.

These two treatments combined, also diagnose the biomechanical cause of the problem in the first place whilst eliminating the pain.

The Benefits

We are the only clinic that has realised the substantial benefits of combining podiatry and physiotherapy, with a focus on the foot and ankle and the effect it has on lower limb biomechanics.

We firmly believe that here are substantial benefits to be gained for our clients through the PodPhysio treatment approach, they include:

  • A tailored approach for each client
  • Recovery period is generally shorter
  • Improved biomechanics, strength and endurance of the foot
  • Reduce risk of developing arthritis in foot and ankle
  • Reduce re-injury rate
  • Reduced dependency on orthotics and corrective foot wear over time
  • Saving time and money as less treatments are required

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