Footsport Podiatry

Why is Footsport Rebranding?

We are launching our rebranding as a proactive strategic move to reflect the exciting changes that we are undergoing as a company and the major developments in Podiatry services.


Communicating Our Brand

Our rebranding provides a perfect opportunity to highlight our company values, the set of beliefs that guide and inspire us. Our values determine the way we recruit and retain employees, the way we build and promote foot health within our community, and the quality of service and support we provide to our customers and partners.


“Our Mission is to provide effective foot care in a friendly environment, using the latest research while combining our wealth of experience with technology to get you back on your feet.”


This mission shapes our organisational culture and serves as the foundation of our core values:

  • Caring; Above all else we want to provide a friendly caring environment for our patients and staff. A place where people feel their needs are taken care of.
  • Modern; This is fundamental core value. Clinically we follow evidence based practice with all the conditions we treat. We see ourselves as innovators with in our profession by having the most up to date equipment. This enables us to provide the best possible foot care.
  • Fun; We will provide a professional service, but we also want to have fun doing it. Don’t expect white coats and grim expressions from us!
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