Orthotics Review

Orthotic care program


Your orthotics are over 2 years old already! Do they look like they have had better days?


Most orthotics after 2 years will become too flexible and their components worn out and thus will not be supporting your feet and helping with alignment anymore.


To ensure that your problem does not come back and in order to keep you pain free you may need to replace your orthotics. Don’t wait until you are in pain again!


Please call us to arrange a time so our team can help you.


The cost of additional pairs of orthotics’ are cheaper than the initial order as some of the pre work is already done, its just a process of modifying the script and re-manufacturing. Included are vouchers for $100 for you to use ($50 for School Children).  Please bring in this offer on your phone OR print these off and bring them in to your appointment. 



Looking forward to seeing you again soon and helping you stay fit for life.

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