There are a number of home treatments available to sufferers of plantar heel pain syndrome (aka plantar fasciitis)

  • Calf and plantar fascia stretching
  • Strapping – Sports tape
  • Golf ball massage
  • Night splints
  • Don’t go bare foot

1. Stretching

Aim to stretch 2 x per day holding each stretch for a minimum of 30 sec and repeating each stretch twice in the one session.   See the video links for calf and plantar facia stretches.

2. Strapping

Strap your foot when you can't wear your orthotics or you are returning to high impact activity. Be mindful of a skin reaction when using for 2 weeks or more.  Use rigid 3cm width sports tape.

3. Golf Ball Massage

Try this for 2-5mins per day.  If this exercise excessively  aggravates your pain then halt doing the activity (mild discomfort is normal).

4. Night Splints

Night splints can be a very effective option.  Although if you are a light sleeper then this may not be for you.  These can be purchased online.  See image of an example.  Google - Plantar fascia night splint.

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5. Don't Go Bare foot

Typically it is recommended not to go bare feet  until your pain has improved by 80%.  The latest research has revealed that a damaged plantar fascial effects fat pad of the heel, causing it to loose some of its natural cushioning properties.  Therefore it is important to cushion the heel.  At home either wear your orthotics and runners or buy a supportive/cushioned thong.  Eg  Floped or Fitflops

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podiatrist sydney
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