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best treatment for Plantar Fasciitis webinar

What is the best treatment for Plantar Fasciitis? 5 Proven solutions that will resolve your heel pain

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best treatment for Plantar Fasciitis webinar

Are You Experiencing From Any Of These Following Symptoms?

  • Pain first thing out of bed in the morning?
  • Pain on standing after sitting?
  • Pain at the end of the day or after walking?
  • Inability to play sport or run?
  • Unable to wear dress shoes?
  • Had treatments that have failed?

Have you ever asked yourself “What is this pain and how can I get rid of it?”,
then you will find all your answers in this incredible 30 min special webinar, which I’d like to invite you to attend for FREE:

Find Out 5 Proven Treatments For Heel Pain

What are the causes, symptoms and modern techniques for treating plantar fasciitis?
Explore the best ways to treat heel pain in this informative new webinar. 


Join Me In This Webinar And Learn

  • How you get plantar fasciitis
  • What the evidence says about common treatments
  • When you should seek out those treatments
  • Why some treatments fail
  • 5 best combination of treatments

And My Special Offer....

If you attend my webinar we’ve got a special secret deal at the end for our viewers today to help with their heel pain immediately!

About Brent Goddard BHSc Pod

Brent Goddard Podiatrist
  • Brent has had over 20 years experience treating plantar fasciitis
  • He trained in New Zealand then worked in the United Kingdom and finally moving to Australia.
  • Throughout Brent’s career, he has helped thousands of patients with debilitating heel pain.
  • Brent now has a non-clinical role and spends his time mentoring his ModPod colleagues¬† and educating other medical professionals.
  • Brent has a passion to pass on his experience and to ensure that patients at ModPod get the most up to date and evidence-based treatments.

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