Post Laser Care






Cold laser works by increasing your circulation, optimising your bodies natural defence system enabling it to kill the fungus.  Things that will slow down or hinder this process are;


  • Poor circulation (Vascular disease)
  • Diabetes  
  • Repetitive  trauma to nails ie tight shoes, high training miles with running
  • Poor Diet – ie High Sugar, Processed Carbs, Low fibre, Excessive Alcohol 
  • Smoking
  • Reduced immune system – ie auto immune disease, poor sleep etc

After laser treatment you must be very diligent to prevent the nails from becoming re-infected (fungal spores can live in dead skin cells for up to 12 months). If your nails have become infected once with fungus, it is a sign that you are prone to this infection



  1. Application of Lamisil spray or cream to feet once daily for seven days.  Then once per week to prevent further skin infections.
  2. Hang socks in the sunlight after washing.
  3. Get new nail cutters and swab with disinfectant before each use.
  4. Don’t pick, scrape or sand  nails.
  5. Spray shoes with Daktarin spray after each use (4 weeks) .
  6. Apply apple cider vinegar to infected nails 2 x daily (buy a pump bottle and spray on)
  7. Avoid nail bars that do not sterilise their instruments.  Ask them if they use an autoclave to sterilise.  Take your own nail polish to the nail bar and get them to apply it for you.
  8. While under going treatment  we recommend not to use  nail polish. If you need to wear it for an occasion then take if off within a day or two. 


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