Shin Splints Treatment Sydney

Shin splints are characterized by pain in the front or inside aspect of the lower leg. The pain usually develops gradually without a history of trauma, and might begin as a dull ache along the front or inside of the shin (Tibia) after running or even walking.



Shin splints are commonly split into three categories;

  • Front of shin pain (Anterior)
  • Inside of shin pain (Medial)
  • Bone pain (Tibial Stress Syndrome)


Causes are due to excessive stress/shock being applied to the lower leg. The most common stresses are;

  • Excessive pronation (inward roll of foot)
  • Lateral foot strike (heel hitting ground on outside edge)
  • Over use (too much training too soon)
  • Worn out sports shoes
  • Unbalanced muscle groups



It is important to seek treatment for shin pain as soon as possible so we can reduce your time away from your sporting activity and reduce the chances of complications (i.e stress fractures).


Treatment will depend on;

  • Duration/site of symptoms
  • Foot function
  • Footwear
  • Activity level


At Mod Pod our Sports Podiatrist’s use the latest digital technology combined with hands on assessments to provide the best possible treatment plan for your shin pain.  Orthotic therapy, shockwave therapy and footwear advice are the most common forms of treatment. We may need to refer you on for further investigations and or physiotherapy.


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