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Cobra 9 Cycling Orthotics - Sydney

What are Cycling Orthotics?

Custom Cycling Orthotics are insoles made specifically for you. These should be made by an appropriately qualified podiatrist, and designed to give comfort and reduce any collapse of your foot when peddling.

Cycling orthotics are made from very light weight carbon fibre and soft foam.

How Do Cycling Orthotics Work?

The principle behind a cycling orthotic is to distribute pressure over a greater surface area. When riding without orthotics the majority of the pressure is under the front of your foot which is above your cleat. This places significant load over the metatarsals and associated nerves, which can lead to “hot foot” when the nerves get compressed. The cycling orthotic distributes this load out over the whole surface of the foot therefore reduced high peaks of pressure. Cycling orthotics also help maintain the foot in its neutral position. If for example your foot rolls inwards (pronates) then this in turn will lead to a internally rotated knee position which can cause issues with knee cap tracking. We get a lot of questions regarding the effects on cycling orthotics and power output. Currently the evidence tells us that there is no power advantage. Although if you are riding with painful or numb feet then this will negatively impact your power.

What are Cobra9's made from?

Inner Core -The Carbon fibre inner core is the key to the stability and support that the Cobra9 Pro is able to offer while remaining incredibly light. The bi-directional carbon fibre InnerCore has been designed to be stiff in all directions to allow for the torsional movements of the foot through the propulsive phase. Due to the customised process fabricating this product, we can widen or taper the InnerCore to match more irregular foot profiles.

Micro-Profile -The bi-directional Carbon fibre that we use to create the Pro allow us to drastically reduce the space that the orthosis requires to provide the required support while cycling. The result is a light weight, unobtrusive innersole – a Size 43 Cobra9 Pro footbed weighs in around 34 grams.

Outer Casting – The Cobra9 Pro’s standard dual density outer casing is comprised of a firm hard wearing upper layer and a softer, more pliant under-layer for improved vibration damping on those rough highway roads. The made to order dual density EVA foam provides a comfortable top cover which minimises weight and allows for further foot contouring with regular wear.

This material is hard wearing and easy to wash. As this is a fully customised product, we can make covers with different widths, densities to reduce load to pressure points as required. This is a bespoke item. We make it how you need it!

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