Heel / Arch Pain

Do you need relief from painful heel pain?

Heel pain is one of the top 3 cases of foot related injuries that we see here at Modpod.

Whether your heel pain is caused by plantar fasciitis, a bursa, or a heel spur it will be a major issue for you (and your exercise plans) if you don’t act early.

Heel pain can be a serious problem for you. Ranging from discomfort when doing the simple things like getting out of bed right up to debilitating pain when trying to walk or run and everything in- between, it’s a nasty condition and one that needs to be treated once it presents and ideally prevented in the first place.

Can't get out of bed without pain?

If you’ve ever experienced heel pain or you are currently experiencing it then you already know that it can make even the little things feel difficult. Oftentimes our patients will report that they just can’t get up and go anymore, playing with the kids gets harder and exercise becomes near impossible.

The real challenge comes in first of all, identifying if you are prone to developing heel pain in the first place so that measures to avoid it can be put in place, and secondly, accurately diagnosing what has caused your heel pain if you are already suffering with it so that the best and fastest pain relief treatment can be administered to help you in your individual situation.

  • If you currently have heel pain that is bothering you, getting worse or simply not improving
  • If you are prone to heel pain and don’t want it to come back
  • If you are embarking on a new exercise program and want to prevent it from rearing it’s ugly head
  • If you wear your shoes down unevenly or have low or high arches.
  • If you are about to increase your exercise, particularly with regards to running and walking.
  • Biomechanical assessment of your foot and leg function using the latest digital assessment equipment.
  • Diagnosis of what is causing your painful heels.
  • Step by step advice on self management techniques.
  • Orthotic prescription if indicated
  • On referral for further tests or doctor’s opinion if indicated
  • Leave the session with confidence of knowing exactly what to do for your individual situation.

If you are suffering from painful heel pain, and want to get back to enjoying your life,  then give us a call  to book a time with our one of our Podiatrist’s


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