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Are You Suffering From Heel Pain? Take This 1 Min Online Assessment and Find Out What Condition You have!

There are numerous condtions that affect the heel creating pain and discomfort and even stop you from doing the activites that you love. The Plantar fascia and Achilles Tendon are both bands of thick fibrous connective tissue that connect to the heel, when strained in an adult they can develop micro-tearing at the attachement points which creates pain and discomfort around the heel.

In children there is a soft growth plate on either side of the Plantar fascia and Achilles which becomes inflammed when strained.

This online assessment is designed to give you an indication of the type of heel pain you have and the things you can do to help you ease the pain. Note this is not a diagnostic test but a guide.

We have special gift for those who finish the online assessment successfully. Please look out for the thank you message after submitting your online assessment.

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