We've received feedback from patients who are apprehensive about going to nail bars for pedicures due to their concerns about cleanliness and sterility standards.

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In response we have created

Podiatry Based
Medical Pedicure

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  • Safe and painless removal of any dead skin, callus and corns.
  • Ensure nails are cut correctly, buffed and rehydrated
  • Carefully remove any ingrown nails
  • Rehydrate skin
  • Sterile equipment and technique 
  • Addresses any foot concerns, fungal nails etc
  • No nail polish applied
Medical Pedicure Sydney
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5 Convenient Locations Across Sydney & 2 On Central Coast



Treated Over 30,000 Patients


Clean & Safe

We Follow Sterile Techniques With All Foot Care Treatments


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Asked Questions

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No we do not apply nail polish.  We do sell a medical based nail polish in our clinics which help prevent nail damage. 

Because we are Podiatrist’s with extensive training in foot care. We delivering high quality treatment reducing your risks of skin and nail infections

The short answer is yes. Nail bars are unregulated and therefore don’t have to sterilize their equipment, which can lead to fungal nail infections and bacterial skin infections. All Podiatrist have to follow a very strict sterilization process. 

If you have private health insurance that covers podiatry then yes you will get part of the treatment covered. We have Hicaps so can claim on the spot. 

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