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ModPod Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy, is a multidisciplinary clinic specialising in foot and ankle injuries that has always looked to advance our treatment approach. We have developed PodPhysio  which is a unique approach that combines the key elements of podiatry and physiotherapy into your treatment plan.

Benefits of the PodPhysio treatment approach:


  • A tailored approach
  • Recovery period is generally shorter
  • Improved biomechanics, strength and endurance of the foot
  • Reduce risk of developing arthritis in foot and ankle
  • Reduce re-injury rate
  • Reduced dependency on orthotics and corrective footwear
  • Saving time and money as less treatments are required


Lance Penn - Talks About Feet

At ModPod Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy, we understand that when you’re injured or in pain, you want to return to sports and work quickly and free of pain and through PodPhysio, we will help you achieve this.



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