Your Trusted Podiatrists For Over 20 Years

Looking for a solution to help with your foot problems? Don’t let your foot pain stop you. Our Podiatrists can help you get happy and healthy feet. Get the expert care you deserve and step back into pain-free living.

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Your Trusted Podiatrists For Over 20 Years

Looking for a solution to help with your foot problems? Don’t let your foot pain stop you. Our Podiatrists can help you get happy and healthy feet. Get the expert care you deserve and step back into pain-free living.

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Lance Penn
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A Team Of Highly Accomplished Podiatrists

We are highly experienced podiatry clinic with a special interest in treating foot and ankle injuries. We have always looked to advance our treatment approach by combining the key elements of podiatry and rehab exercises into your treatment plan. 

Many everyday activities are dependent on your feet – it’s best to see one of our highly trained Podiatrist’s at ModPod Podiatry.

Although most people frequently see their doctor, you can benefit from visiting ModPod We work on all foot, ankle and lower leg issues. This part of the body does not sound particularly complicated, but the lower extremities bear a lot of weight for the body during the day. We are able to assist you with any foot pain and irritation you might have.

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Our Podiatry Services

Our podiatrists treat a wide range of athletes, we understand their need to stay active and return to sport. 

Custom-made or prefabricated orthotics can be used to treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions. These include flat feet, high arches, and plantar fasciitis.

Laser is a major advancement in the treatment of fungal nail infections with an over 80% success rate, as published in clinical trials.

 It is important to emphasize that a timely diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma can decrease the chance of needing more aggressive treatments.

Keep you feet looking great our  Podiatrists will cut and file toenails and remove any callus or dead skin. 

We offer treatment from conservative trimming of the nail edge through to permanent nail surgery to stop chronic ingrown nails. 

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During consultation we will:


  • Identify what is going on for you and what the source of the problem is
  • Provide you with treatment to get you moving in the right direction immediately
  • Create a tailored solution to help you get the results that you want personally

Why we are passionate about feet!

Lance Penn talks about heel pain treatment

Why Choose Us

Our feet are complex structures that help us perform nearly every possible activity, from walking to running, jumping, and everything in between. It’s easy to take our feet for granted, but any condition that affects them and causes pain can hinder our ability to carry out many actions.

So when we develop foot pain, our daily routines can come to a screeching halt. The conditions that result can vary and range from acute to chronic, from mild to severe.

At ModPod Podiatry, our specialists offer a wide range of treatments focused on providing long-term relief for your pain. We understand how important it is to be able to go about your day pain-free, striving to satisfy the needs of each individual patient and create a positive experience for you.

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  • Practice established for over 20 years
  • Only clinic in city to have zebris pressure plate integrated treadmill
  • Our results are reflected by our numerous patient, and medical referrals
  • Convenient location
  • Same day appointments
  • Experienced senior podiatrists will map out a thorough individualised treatment plan

The Team

Lance Penn Podiatrist

Lance Penn

Colin O'Connor Podiatrist

Colin O’Connor

Reid Lyons Podiatrist

Reid Lyons

Tariq Khan Podiatrist

Dr Tariq Khan

Brent Goddard Podiatrist

Brent Goddard

Lesley Price Podiatrist

Lesley Calvert-Evers

Find Out About Us

We offer a comprehensive range of podiatric services – we have clinics in the heart of Sydney CBD, Mosman, North Ryde, Dee Why, Rose Bay and more! Our Podiatrists are experienced in all areas of podiatry with some of our podiatrists being in practice for more than 20 years.  

What Podiatry services do we offer?

ModPod Podiatry offer a variety of services for your feet. Our services include:

  • Sports: Sports injuries commonly happen to the feet, ankles and lower legs. We have a keen grasp of soft tissue damage and stress injuries.
  • Medical Pedicure: Our Podiatrists in Sydney can help with nail problems, plantar warts, corns, calluses and more. If you have general foot pain, we will thoroughly assess your foot to find a cause.
  • Orthotics: With orthotics, you can get custom support with every step.
  • Bio-mechanical assessments: We can use advanced techniques to thoroughly analyse your foot pain.
  • Shockwave therapy: This unique therapy targets the soft tissue for substantial pain relief.
  • Laser fungal treatment: Improve nail appearance with cold laser treatment.
  • Mortons Neuroma: This is one of the most common conditions we treat.
  • K-Laser Pain Relief:  This laser is used to reduce pain and inflammation for conditions like heel pain. 

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