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We Fix Foot & Leg Problems

That No One Else Can Fix


Foot & Ankle Specialists

We are group of Sydney Podiatrist's and Physio's specialising in foot and ankle injuries.  We have always looked to advance our treatment approach combining the key elements of podiatry and physiotherapy into your treatment plan. We are the clinic of choice for a Podiatrist Sydney

Podiatrist Sydney

google 5 star"I used the Hunter street location for podiatry and physio. Everyone I've dealt with from reception to the specialists have been great. They really know what they are talking about and display a strong desire to get the treatment right. There has been a meaningful difference between their expertise in treating my issue compared to other experiences I've had. If you want a Podiatrist Sydney city location, this is a really good place to go."

Justin - Google Review


Shin Splints

Shin SplintsThis month we are focusing on an injury know as shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome). Shin splints are one of the most common causes of pain in the lower extremities. Although shin splints aren’t a dangerous condition, they can affect your daily routine and receiving the appropriate shin splint treatment is necessary to recover properly from this condition. Find out how our Podiatrist Sydney treat this condition .... read more


lance penn

Lance Penn

Clinical Director/Sydney Podiatrist
Michael-Tamaddoni- Physio Sydney

Michael Tamaddoni

Clinical Director/Sydney Physiotherapist
brent goddard

Brent Goddard

Clinical Director/Sydney Podiatrist
reid lyons

Reid Lyons

Sydney Podiatrist
brendan coyle

Brendan Coyle

Sydney Podiatrist
Colin O'Connor

Colin O'Connor

Sydney Podiatrist
lesley price

Lesley Calvert-Evers

Sydney Podiatrist
Josh-Sund-Podiatrist Sydney

Josh Sund

Sydney Podiatrist
Matthew Sweeney

Matthew Sweeney

Sydney Physio


A tailored approach

  Shorter recovery & Reduce re-injury rate

Reduce risk of arthritis in foot and ankle

  Improved foot strength 

Reduced dependency on orthotics

Save money with less treatments