Podiatrist Sydney

 Looking After Sydney Feet for Over 20 Years

Podiatrist Sydney CBD

Lance Penn Podiatrist Sydney CBD showing shoe to client
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Podiatrist Sydney

 Looking After Sydney Feet for Over 20 Years

Podiatrist Sydney CBD

Feet! They take you everywhere, but how often do you show them some love? Taking care of your feet is a big deal, even though most people forget about them until they hurt.

That’s where Modpod Podiatry Sydney CBD comes in! We’re all about keeping your feet happy and healthy, no matter what. Whether you need a quick checkup or something more serious, our podiatrist experts are here to help.

Plus, we’re smack dab in the center of Sydney CBD, so it’s easy to swing by. We can handle all sorts of foot problems that busy Sydney folks face.

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Lance Penn Podiatrist Sydney CBD showing shoe to client

What to Expect During Your Visit to Modpod Podiatrist Sydney CBD

When you come see us, get ready for a deep dive into your foot situation. Our team will listen closely to your woes and figure out the perfect plan to get your feet feeling tip-top again. We want you to feel relaxed during your visit, and leave knowing exactly what’s going on with your feet.

We're Here to Address Your Immediate Foot Care Requirements

  •   Podiatrist Sydney CBD established for over 20 years
  •   Only clinic in city to have zebris pressure plate integrated treadmill
  •   Our results are reflected by our numerous patient, and medical referrals
  •   Convenient location on Hunter Street Sydney CBD
  •   Same day appointments
  •   Experienced senior podiatrists that will map out a thorough individualised treatment plan
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Lance Penn
Clinical Director
Senior Podiatrist

Looking For An Experienced Podiatrist In The Sydney CBD?

Choosing the right podiatrist in Sydney CBD is crucial for your foot health.

You need a podiatrist who is qualified, experienced, and understands your specific needs.

At ModPod Podiatry, we meet all these criteria and strive to provide the best care possible.

The ModPod Difference

What sets ModPod apart is our commitment to patient care.

We use the latest technology and treatments to ensure effective results.

Our clinic is designed with patient comfort and convenience in mind.

Lance Penn Sydney Podiatrist talks about why ModPod is so passionate about feet!

Podiatrist Sydney CBD Services

At ModPod, we offer a wide range of services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive foot care to our patients.

We use the latest technology and treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Scheduling Your Visit

Setting up a visit at Modpod Podiatry is easy and hassle-free. You can schedule online or directly contact our Sydney CBD clinic. We are eager to assist you with your foot care requirements.

Typical Issues
We Handle

Mortons Neuroma Podiatrist Mosman


Ever heard someone complain about bunions? You’re not the only one. These bony protrusions that develop on the big toe joint are a surprisingly frequent foot problem. This is an issue we have a high success rate in treating.

Heel Pain Podiatrist Mosman


Stop allowing heel pain to put you on the side line! We understand how painful it is to miss out on activities you enjoy. Our effective treatment methods can have you up and active in no time. Read the comprehensive guide to plantar fasciitis

Fungal Nail Cutting podiatrist Mosman


Beach season coming up, but hiding your feet in the sand because of those gross, thick toenails? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Fungal nails, also known as the funkiest name ever – onychomycosis – are super common. But hey, we can help! Our treatments will get your toenails looking beach-ready in no time, so you can wiggle those piggies with pride. Want the full scoop on fungal nails? Check out our ultimate guide!

Why Choose Us

Finding the right podiatrist in Sydney is like finding that perfect pair of shoes – it’s gotta fit just right! At Modpod Podiatry, we have a whole crew of foot experts who are passionate about keeping your feet happy. We use all the latest  tech to diagnose any problems and get you back on track. Plus, our Sydney CBD clinic is super convenient, so you can squeeze in an appointment without throwing your whole schedule off-balance.

Asked Questions

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Yes we are located in the heart of Sydney CBD.  66 Hunter Street, both Wynard Station and Martin Place Station are within walking distance. 

No; if you are a general patient then you do not need a referral to see a podiatrist in NSW.  If you qualify for Medicare “Chronic Disease Management Plan”  Then you will need to visit your GP to get a referral which will give you 5 treatments per calendar year. You will also need a referral for NDS and DVA. 

Depending on what sort of treatment you are requiring it will cost between $90-$150.  If you have a private health fund or are covered by Medicare then you will between 30%-80% of this back. 

There is no difference between a podiatrist and chiropodist.  The word chiropodist was used mainly in the UK and pre 1980 in Australia. We now use the term podiatrist. 

Some podiatrist do bulk bill under the Medicare care Chronic disease program.  Modpod does not bulk bill. 

Podiatrist treat a range of ailments. Here is a list of the most common. 

  • Ingrown nails
  • Heel pain
  • Fungal Nails
  • Mortons Neuroma
  • Corns, Callus
  • Bunions
  • Plantar Warts

Yes; podiatrists do cut toenails.  We call this treatment a medical pedicure.  

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