What Is a Plantar Wart

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Plantar warts are those rough, sometimes painful bumps that show up on the soles of your feet. They’re caused by a little villain called the human papillomavirus (HPV), the same virus that causes warts on your hands.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Culprit: HPV enters your foot through tiny cuts or breaks in the skin.
  • Location: They favor areas with high pressure, like your heels and balls of your feet. The pressure can even push the wart inward, making it feel extra uncomfortable.
  • Appearance: Plantar warts are typically flesh-toned with black dots in the center, which are little clotted blood vessels. They might appear singly or in clusters (mosaic warts).
  • Discomfort: The pressure on these warts can make walking painful.

While plantar warts are harmless, they can be bothersome. If you suspect you have one, it’s best to see a podiatrist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Marigold Therapy
A Gentle, Quick Acting & Proven Solution

How It Works


You will be seen for an initial consultation and a comprehensive history. This will take into account your full medical history which may be impacting your immune system.

A full treatment plan is then discussed and planned dependant on your specific needs.


Treatment commences at the initial visit. An application of the marigold paste is applied to your plantar wart and will remain in place for one week.



You will return after a week for a follow up consultation, where the dressing is removed. If required, this process is repeated for another one or two weeks.

This is then followed up with an ongoing home treatment regime to carry out over a period of 6-12 weeks and then reviewed back at the clinic to re-assess the condition.


Only Private Clinic In Australia To Offer Marigold Therapy For Wart Removal


Suitable For People In ‘at Risk’ Categories, & People Of All Ages Including Children


The treatment is painless, quick acting and does not have adverse effects.


High Proven

Success Rate


Has been successfully used in the UK for over 20 years

Meet Dr Tariq Khan

“I have had a passion to help people with difficult plantar warts since I was at university. I always remembered my colleague was treating a young 7 year old child with a plantar wart by freezing. The boy was crying and screaming whilst his mother was holding him down and my colleague was getting flustered. I just thought there should be a better way to treat this!

My research to this was to embark on looking at, what can treat the wart virus without causing trauma and harm in the process.

The body’s immune system naturally eradicates the wart virus once it is alerted to the infection. Most current wart treatments are not antiviral. My research focused on evaluating compounds within the Marigold flower family. These have both antiviral and keratolytic (breakdown of hard skin) properties, that specifically target the wart virus and hard skin without damaging healthy tissue.

I have been fortunate to work and publish my work with renowned Dermatologists in London and have been running the wart clinic at The Dermatology department, Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London UK since 1997.”

Why Marigold Therapy

Marigold Therapy is a highly effective treatment for all foot problems that consist of a combination of plant-based medication and podiatry. It is a topical treatment for plantar wart removal (verruca), that really works!

The treatment is painless, quick acting and does not have adverse effects. It is suitable for people in ‘at risk’ categories for whom surgery is contra-indicated, and people of all ages including children.

Two marigold species, Tagetes and Calendula, have been used for centuries as herbal remedies for various ailments. The keratolytic and anti-inflammatory properties of Tagetes in the treatment of verrucae and hyperkeratotic lesions have been well documented in the literature.

Marigold therapy has been used for over 40 years in the United Kingdom and has been evaluated by numerous randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies for various skin issues on the lower extremity. Various species of marigold are naturally anti-viral, keratolytic, and anti-inflammatory when applied topically to the affected area.

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