Achilles Tendinosis Treatment Sydney

If you’re looking for Achilles Tendinosis Treatment in Sydney look no further than ModPod Podiatry


Achilles Tendonopathy / Achilles Tendon

Achilles tendonopathy is pain affecting the Achilles tendon resulting in degeneration of the tendon. Symptoms usually include pain in the Achilles tendon, which is often worse after rest or with excessive activity. The can be local swelling when in an acute phase or nodules and thickening when in a chronic phase.



  • Excessive pronation (inward roll of foot)
  • Tight or weak calf muscles
  • Reduced ankle range of motion
  • Over use (too much training too soon)
  • Worn out sports shoes
  • Unbalanced muscle groups
  • Excessive hill or sand running



It is important to seek treatment for achilles pain as soon as possible so we can reduce your time away from your sporting activity and reduce the chances of complications (i.e stress fractures).


Treatment will depend on;

  • Duration/site and length (time) of symptoms
  • Foot function
  • Footwear
  • Activity level


At ModPod our Sports Podiatrist’s use the latest digital technology combined with hands on assessments to provide the best possible treatment plan for your achilles pain. R.I.C.E, Stretching /strengthening, Orthotic therapy, shockwave therapy  and footwear advice are the most common forms of treatment. We may need to refer you on for further investigations and or physiotherapy.


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