"My toe hurts so much it is killing me, can you please find out what is wrong so I can get rid of my pain FAST!"

Most people are familiar with ingrown toenails, having seen them before. However, whether or not you have seen one, once you have had an ingrowing nail you know it!!!

How is it affecting you?



    1. Irritating pain on the side of my toe
    2. Interfering with my exercise
    3. Interfering with me getting around at work
    4. Interfering with my chasing around with my kids
    5. Interfering with what shoes I want to wear!!
    6. I'm really feeling frustrated!! I don't like being in PAIN!!!!!


Why does my toe hurt?


    1. It is a result of your nail structure,
    2. Damage or trauma
    3. Tight fitting shoes


Don't Delay Your Treatment

Conservative Nail Treatment


Conservative treatment involves clearing of Stage 1 ingrown toenails.  This is minor non-painful procedure that doesn't involve local aesthetic.  Stage 1 ingrown nails are classified when there is minor irritation or infection around the corner (tip) of the nail.



  • Immediate relief
  • Quick and effective
  • Pain Free (No needle, soft injection system)



Nail Surgery


Nail surgery is indicated when there is  Stage 2  ingrown nail that hasn’t settled with conservative treatment. Stage 2 ingrown nails are classified when there is excessive irritation or infection along the entire edge of the nail. 



  • Permanent removal of ingrown nail
  • Fast recovery time
  • Minimal or no discomfort post surgery





Never let the fear of pain stop you from getting the treatment you need.

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