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We were the first practice in Australia to have this revolutionary new laser and have pioneered the process.

Introducing the most advanced technology in fighting nail fungus.

Are you embarrassed to go barefoot at the beach? Are your nails thick and causing discomfort? You may have a fungal infection of the nail bed which is medically termed “Onychomycosis

You don’t want to be walking around Sydney showing your toes because your toes just look quite ugly.

Good News

The good things is, once you get the right intervention, this is the upside

Would you like to have clear healthy nails again? Without having to take potentially toxic oral medication? Lance Penn Podiatrist explains the different fungal nail treatment options

Lunula Laser

With our Lunula Laser machine, there are some even increased further benefits.

Research, clinical trials and antidotal evidence indicates that this laser provides far better patient outcomes than by using hot laser therapy which other clinics use.
Here are some before and after photos, so you can see what this amazing laser has done for our previous patients.

So if you have a negative self-image about what your toes look like when you’re not hiding them, then this is for you.

Fungal Nail Assessment

In this session you will: