How A Podiatrist Will Treat An Ingrown Nail

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1. Cutting

A Podiatrist will cut very carefully down the affected side of your nail removing the jagger/splintered edge that is digging into your toe. 

2. Equipment

We have very specifics tools to get the nail out with minimal pain, in some cases when the nail is very infected or swollen we may use a local aesthetic. 

3. Dressing

We will use customised dressings, to help absorb and drain the toe.  Which will aid in the recover process.

4. Dry

You will be advised to keep you toe dry when in the shower as this is where most infections come from. Place a bag around you foot and tape it on to you leg and keep it out of the main spray of the shower.

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5. Shoes

Avoid tight fitting shoes while the nail is infected, as the tissue will take longer to heal if it is under pressure, as it reduces blood flow. 

6. Antibiotics/Antimicrobials 

If you nail is severely infected you will be referred to your GP for antibiotics.  Most of the time with regular irrigation and topical antimicrobial medication, you can avoid antibiotics. 

7. Nail Surgery

With nails that have been treated conservatively more than three times, we recommend a very simple permanent procedure that will remove a very small part of the problematic toenail.  Click here for more info

Nail Surgery

In some cases ingrown nails can be mistaken for fungal nail infections read 5 best fungal nail treatments

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