Sore Ankle

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Cause Have you been feeling pain in one of your ankles lately? Having a sore ankle is very common at any age. Our ankles are very complex structures; bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles work together to create a joint that can bear the entire weight of our bodies so that we can walk and move […]

Twisted Ankle

Cause Saying we have a “twisted ankle” is just another way to refer to an ankle sprain. This injury is sometimes also referred to as a “rolled ankle”. We twist our ankles when we stretch the ligaments that hold the joint together beyond their capacity. This usually happens after the ankle is forced to twist […]

Tendonitis Ankle

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Cause Tendonitis, also referred to as tendinitis, is a condition characterised by the inflammation or irritation of the tendons. Tendons are the strong bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones, and tendonitis can affect any of the tendons in your body. Ankles have an important number of tendons, which can become sore and swollen, […]

Torn Ligaments in Ankle

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Cause Your ankles are highly complex joints that are kept safely in place by their ligaments. Ligaments are strong, stretchy bands of connective tissue, which is mostly made up of collagen. Since connective tissue has a low vascularisation and as a result, doesn’t get much blood flow, injuring your ankle can lead to torn ligaments […]