What You Need to Know about Getting Custom Orthotics in Sydney

26 Jun What You Need to Know about Getting Custom Orthotics in Sydney

Are you looking for information about custom made Orthotics online? What are they and what makes it different from the cheap ones that you can just buy over the counter? These are all good questions and something that you might be wondering about if you were asked by your doctor to start wearing Orthotics for your foot or leg problem.


So what exactly are custom Orthotics in CBD?

Simply put, Orthotics are shoe inserts that foot doctors (podiatrists) recommend in alleviating a broad range of conditions concerning the lower extremities of the body. These shoe inserts can prove helpful in treating foot disorders such as flat feet, ankle sprain, plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and the like.


Custom Orthotics differ from that of prefabricated ones that you can just buy off the shelf. Although the latter is cheaper and more convenient, podiatrists do not recommend them for treating any foot or leg disorder. Over the counter, Orthotics are just too general and unlikely to provide any lasting results especially for patients with foot and leg disorders like asymmetrical feet or bunions. In such cases, patients require personalised Orthotic insoles that perfectly match the profile of their feet and yield good results. Anything less and you might experience the opposite as an ill-fitting Orthotic device can aggravate the problem. In many cases, a generic set of Orthotics puts pressure in all the wrong areas of the feet causing more problems than it solves.


A podiatrist can fit you with custom sole inserts that match the features of your feet perfectly. The doctor takes images and measurements of each leg and foot which they then forward to the lab for technicians to use in fabricating custom Orthotics.


Cost of Orthotics

So how much do Orthotics cost from a podiatrist? Now that you have an idea of how doctors prescribe custom Orthotics, it is easy to see how they tend to cost a lot more than the ones that you can just get off the shelf.


A pair of prescription sole inserts will set you back around $670 to $780. Figures include the initial and standard consultation as well as fees for the biomechanical tests, scans and plasters necessary to fabricate a pair of custom Orthotics. On the other hand, a pair of pre-fabricated Orthotics cost only $80 to $150. It is a big difference although most people with a serious foot or leg problem agree that it is well worth it.


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