6 Tips To Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

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Summer feet

 1. Exfoliate

Make this your pre-summer mantra: “Exfoliation is my friend.” You know that thick layer of seemingly powdery skin on your heels? That’s a whole lotta dead skin cells just waiting to be sloughed off so you can unveil your smooth steppers hidden beneath.

Luckily, exfoliation doesn’t have to be difficult. Use a pumice stone of foot file 2-3 times per week. Or, if you simply have to get your feet to the beach, take a long walk along the shore — sand is a fantastic natural exfoliator.

2. Soothing soak

Grab a large bowl or basting pan and fill it up with handful of sea salt, two tablespoons of olive oil and few drops of tea tree and peppermint oil each. A less alternative option would be the solid stand-by of warm water and Epsom salt, though. Either way, incorporating soaks into your foot-care routine — either before exfoliating to soften skin or afterwards to rinse off the slough — will ensure your bare feet stay beautiful year round.

 3. Regular moisturising

All that time spent exfoliating and soaking will be for naught if you forget to seal in all the moisture. And really, who has time to waste like that? Especially when beach season is right around the corner. Your best bet for super-soft feet is using a thick emollient cream on a daily basis. In fact, one of the most popular tricks of the trade is putting on the foot balm on at night, slipping on a pair of heavy socks let the work happen overnight.

4. Attention to detail

Once you’ve established a regular routine of exfoliating, soaking and moisturising, you may be tempted to call it a day and slip your feet into your sandals already. Make sure to keep an eye on how you are cutting your nails to avoid ingrown’s as well as keeping an eye out for discolouration of the nail plate which can indicate a potential fungal infection.

5. Polish

We all understand the desire to paint your nails  for summer, and as with all things this is fine in moderation.  Key tips with polish is to give the nail a break (10 days every month) to let the nail recover from the chemicals in the polish.  Use a base coat especially when using dark nail polishes.  If you have an active nail fungus it is very tempting to hide this under polish,  beware that this will eventually make you problem worse,  best to seek out advice and treatment. 

6. Beware of pedicures

Be mindful of getting pedicures at “cheap and cheerful” locations. This industry is unregulated so they do not have to follow any sterilisation protocols which means you are at risk of picking up a nasty infection.

At all of our clinics we offer medical pedicure treatments which includes removing all hard skin around heels, ball of feet and toes. We can cut your nails and thin out any thickened nails to get them looking great again. We also screen your feet and nails for any active fungal infections, then give you advice regarding treatment. These treatments are claimable against your private health fund, we have Hi-Caps so you can claim on the spot.

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