A Look at the Different Types of Orthotics in Dee Why

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Image of an orthotic insoles being fitted to a patient

Are you wondering about the different kinds of Custom Footbeds available in the market? Perhaps you’ve been advised to start wearing custom footbeds for Plantar Fasciitis (one of the most common causes of chronic heel pain attributed to tissue inflammation)? These devices are basically sole inserts that moderate and support the movement of the feet, easing discomfort and correcting imbalances in the process.

In this piece, we aim to shed light on how the above-mentioned sole inserts work and the different types available in the market. Only then will you have a clear picture about what these medical devices have to offer.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Most podiatrists in Dee Why often refer to custom footbeds as a type of prosthetics and for good reasons. In most cases, these devices are tailor-made to suit the needs of a particular patient. A cast of the patient’s foot is taken and is then fabricated with respect to the structure and features of each foot. The Orthotic is then designed to rectify any abnormalities in how the feet functions.

Now while you can purchase custom footbeds at a pharmacy, it would be better to opt for one that is specifically tailor-made for you. Only then can you expect the device to truly help you with any functional problems you may have with your feet and ankle.

Now custom footbeds are generally classified under 4 types depending on the manner these devices are structured:


These sole inserts are created from shock absorbent materials making it ideal for patients who are having trouble with their balance. It is often prescribed to people who are diabetic and having functional problems with their feet. Granted, it’s not as durable as many of its counterparts and will need to be replaced often. However, these inserts are comfortable and akin to wearing socks which means the patient can easily adjust it for the best fit.


These sole inserts are fabricated from stiff materials like plastic, which is then shaped into the patient’s feet suiting it perfectly from heel to toe. It is often recommended for people that are on their feet for hours at a time –  athletes, tradesmen, sales associates, delivery staff, etc. These soles are narrow and light, fitting perfectly into your shoes so you can use them inconspicuously (with the exception of women’s dress shoes).

Custom Footbeds for children

These sole inserts are designed to be used by kids suffering from deformities on their feet. As the child grows, a new set of inserts are made to accommodate the growth. Depending on the extent of the problem, some may have to wear them for the rest of their lives.


These inserts are generally recommended for athletes depending on the type of sport that they are in. It is created with a combination of soft and rigid materials; hard fibres are used on areas of the insert that are subject to most abuse. As a result, tendons on the feet exhibit more endurance and more tolerant of pain.

Would you like to learn more? Get all the help you need finding the right set of custom footbeds that perfectly suit your needs and preferences. Call Mod Pod Sports Podiatry today and arrange a consultation with some of the finest podiatrists in Australia!

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