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Incorrect fit

Getting the fit correct is paramount when buying a new pair of shoes.

Incorrectly fitting shoes can lead to a number of different foot problems including, bunions, corns, blisters, bursitis and morton’s neuroma to name just a few.

Correctly fitting shoes

Firstly it is best to go to shoe store where the staff are well trained and knowledgeable about footwear.

Top tips:

The right shoe for the right job

It’s important to make sure you select the right shoe for your activity. When do you last remember Cathy Freeman running the 100m meter in a pair of 6 inch Jimmy Choo stilettos?

Brent Goddard - Podiatrist, discusses treatment options for Metatarsalgia and Morton's Neuroma and why the right fitting shoe is important.

Signs of shoe wear

It’s important to make sure you replace your shoe before they have worn out. Wearing a shoe that is excessively worn can potentially result in foot pain or injury.

Things to look for:

Matching you to the right shoe

Sports shoe manufacturers put a lot of research in to footwear, the end result is very technical shoes that do very specifics jobs.

As a consumer this can be very confusing and over whelming. To add to this a lot of shoe stores don’t have the technical knowledge to back up the product. It is very important when buying sports shoes to make sure they are correct for your foot type.

There are three main foot types:

There are specific shoes to match all of these foot types. It is recommended you go to a sport shoe store that is able to effectively assess your foot type and match the shoe to you.

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