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A New & Unique Way to Treat Bunions

ModPod Sports Podiatry & Physiotherapy is a clinic specialising in bunions. We have developed PodPhysio which is a unique approach that combines the key elements of podiatry and physiotherapy into a proven treatment plan to improve bunion pain and slow down progression.

PodPhysio has been proven to provide:

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100% Orthotics Guarantee

At Modpod we have full confidence in our podiatrist’s ability to prescribe you with accurate custom orthotics. That is why our fully prescribed custom orthotics come with a 100% comfort guarantee and effectiveness guarantee! The number one reason for uncomfortable custom orthotics that are not effective is the wrong prescription. If your custom orthotics prescribed by one of our podiatrists are deemed not to be 100% comfortable or effective due to an inaccurate prescription then our podiatrists will issue new orthotics with a brand new prescription at no extra charge!

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