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The ModPod Podiatry team know that faster you move, the more likely one foot will be supporting your entire body weight on its own. As your body goes through a complex set of steps to make walking or running smooth and easy, any abnormalities in your stride can affect your muscles, bones, and even the nerves of your legs.

If you experience pain along your shin bone after a change in your workout, a consultation with our Podiatrists is necessary to make sure that shin splints are not keeping you from your routine.

ModPod Podiatry is located in Mosman which is 5 mins from Cremorne. 

Our Services

ModPod Podiatry offer an extensive choice of alternative assessments, diagnosis, and treatments for all your orthotic needs, including:

Our Approach

Our approach begins by identifying the ailments that the patient is concerned with and locate the problem area. Once the area is identified, we use the most up-to-date technology and practices, such as Video and 3D gait scans, to determine what is contributing to the problem. Then, a tailored treatment plan is provided to the patient to resolve the underlying issues once and for all.

Our Practitioners

Unlike most other clinics, the team at ModPod Podiatry realise the considerable benefits that combining Podiatry and Physiotherapy techniques have on the health and recovery of the patient. 

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