Ingrown Nails

12 Apr

Ingrown toenail surgery

If you suffer from a persistent and painful ingrown nail, your podiatrist might suggest ingrown toenail surgery. There are different types of ingrown toenail surgery, and they each have different indications, contraindications, and recovery periods. The simplest procedure is the avulsion of the nail bed using...

08 Apr

Infected Toenail

Most toenail infections are caused by fungus or bacteria; these agents cause different symptoms and require different treatments. That’s why it’s so important to get a proper diagnosis before starting any treatment for your infected toenail. Understanding the cause of your infected toenail is the...

08 Apr

How To Fix An Ingrown Toenail

Anyone who has had an ingrown toenail can attest to just how uncomfortable and painful this condition can be, and how badly you want to find out how to fix an ingrown toenail once it develops. And although treatment for an ingrown toenail is relatively...

01 Apr

Infected Toe

There are several conditions which can cause your infected toe; paronychia being one of the most common. Paronychia is an infection of the paronychium, which is the soft tissue that borders the nail. This infection is caused by fungus or bacteria, and it can be acute or...

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