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1. Cutting

The best practice for cutting nails is straight across the nail, this reduces risk of small pieces of nail getting caught and becoming imbedded in the side of the nail, making an ingrown worse. 

2. Irrigating 

Make sure to irrigate the infected area with saline twice per day. Approx one teaspoon of salt with every 500ml of warm water.  Or purchase pre-made saline from the chemist. 

3. Dressing

Keep the toe covered with a dressing to reduce the risk of cross infection, it will also help speed up recovery. 

keep foot dry

4. Dry

Keep you toe dry when in the shower as this is where most infections come from. Place a bag around you foot and tape it on to you leg and keep it out of the main spray of the shower. 

5. Shoes

Avoid tight fitting shoes while the nail is infected, as the tissue will take longer to heal if it is under pressure, as it reduces blood flow. 

6. Professional Help

Seek professional help if the redness, swelling and pain hasn’t subsided after 10 days. This problem can become a lot worse and will need treatment at this stage.  See more about how a Podiatrist will help your problem. (Click Here) 


In some cases ingrown nails can be mistaken for fungal nail infections read 5 best fungal nail treatments


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