Pain On The Side Of The Foot

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woman experiencing foot pain

woman experiencing foot pain

Pain on the side of your foot, also known as lateral foot pain, is pain that affects the outer portion of your foot, and even your ankle. Depending on the underlying condition that is causing the pain on the side of your foot, it can occur when you wake up, or when you are standing, walking, exercising, or even when you’re at rest. The characteristics of lateral foot pain can vary greatly depending on its cause; however, any sort of foot pain can hinder your ability to get through your day and perform your normal routine and activities.


There are several conditions that can cause pain on the side of your foot. Some of these causes include:

Cuboid syndrome

Your cuboid is a small bone located on the outer edge of your foot. This bone is held in place by joints and ligaments; if these structures become damaged or dislocated, you develop cuboid syndrome. This syndrome is usually a consequence of overusing your feet, which places undue stress over its bones and tissues. The pain caused by cuboid syndrome is usually more intense when you stand or twist your feet outwards.

Peroneal tendonitis

Your peroneal tendons originate at the back of your calf, go down the outer side of your ankle, and attach to the lateral portion of your foot. The pain on the side of the foot that is caused by peroneal tendonitis is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as swelling, popping sensations, warmth, and ankle weakness.

Sports Physio Sydney CbdAnkle sprains

This is a very common cause of lateral foot pain. People who have suffered multiple ankle sprains are more likely to develop chronic pain on the side of their foot.


Although bunions usually develop on the inner portion of your foot, they can still cause pain on the side of the foot. Since bunions can make it painful to place our body weight evenly on your foot, many people start to place most of their weight on the outer portion of their feet. This can cause inflammation and pain along the lateral side of your foot.

As you can see, there are many different conditions that can cause pain on the side of the foot. That’s why it’s so important to visit your podiatrist if you are experiencing any kind of foot pain; they will be able to assess your symptoms and order the pertinent tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Being diagnosed correctly will improve your chances of recovering from your symptoms and return to your regular routine.

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