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Sydney Sport PodiatryModPod is a clinic with modern approach to Sydney Sports Podiatry. Their name “ModPod” stands for Modern Podiatry. ModPod consists of a group of experienced physiotherapists and Sydney Sports Podiatry providers. Their unique methods in combination with the traditional ways have made them one of the most preferred clinics of Sydney Sports Podiatry and physiotherapy. The company has professionals who help out athletes dealing with problems of leg and foot.

Sports Podiatry by ModPod

In general, Podiatry involves taking care of the feet. This includes treating nail fungus, ingrown nails, corns, and callus. This treatment is beneficial for people suffering from feet pain often. This also involves taking care of all the general troubles your feet are facing.

But the ModPod Sydney Sports Podiatry is a little different from the general podiatry. It is the treatment of foot, ankle, and injuries of the knee by altering the lower limbs. The company follows PodPhysio for the treatment. PodPhysio is a combination of Podiatry and Physiotherapy. This is the best method for healing soft tissue injuries. It gets your tissues rid of the unnecessary load they are bearing. PodPhysio is the treatment of foot, ankle, and injuries of the knee by altering the lower limbs. The internal structure of your foot and its biomechanics help to determine the impact of any injury.

Sydney Sports Podiatry might also be followed by the usage of orthotics. The orthotics get your tissues rid of the unnecessary load they are bearing. Thereafter, an athlete may need to undergo a few physiotherapy sessions. The physiotherapy technique strengthens and heals the damaged site.

If you are a cyclist or a bike rider the strain that your feet undergo is different from that of a normal athlete’s limbs. ModPod has designed a special treatment regime for such sports person. They are:

• Bike fit: This equipment will help you ride comfortably for a longer duration. It helps you avoid the soreness caused by saddles and reduces the drag because of aerodynamics.

Cycling orthotics: The cyclic orthotics distribute the pressure over a larger portion of your feet during cycling. These are made from light carbon fiber and foam. These cycling orthotics are even prescribed to bikers at times.

So ModPod Sydney Sports Podiatry has easy solutions for every sports-related issue you have.

Other Podiatry and Physiotherapy services

Apart from dealing with problems of your lower limbs they can also carry out the treatment of the following:

Prescribing orthotics: Orthotics is customized footwear designed for therapeutic purposes. They are specially designed to enhance the movement of your foot and body. The orthotics by ModPod is guaranteed to be 100% comfortable.

Shockwave Therapy: In Radial Shockwave Therapy a shockwave of high energy is applied to the damaged tissue. With each treatment, the metabolic activity of the area increases and pain is eased. It stimulates the body’s healing process and promotes reabsorption of calcium.

• Sports Physio: In this, the anatomy of the lower limbs is checked to determine the impact of any injury. It is chiefly focused on ankle and foot.

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