Pain On Top Of Foot

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Pain On Top Of Foot

Our feet are made up of many bones, tendons, ligaments, and joins. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are many possible causes of foot pain, and that depending on the affected structures, this pain can occur on different areas of your feet. Feeling pain on top of  foot is not uncommon, and it can be caused by several different conditions.


Finding the correct diagnosis is vital to receive the right treatment for you. This can be made easier if you know the characteristics of the pain on top of your foot, such as its exact location, how the pain feels, which activities trigger or relieve it, and if it occurs more commonly at a certain time of the day. These details will allow your podiatrist Sydney to compile a thorough medical history, making it easier to give you an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment plan. In some cases, imaging tests such as X-rays might be necessary to find out what is causing the pain on top of your foot. If your pain isn’t on top you should look at our foot pain article.


Some of the most common causes of pain on top of the foot include:

Extensor tendonitis

this condition occurs when the tendons that lie on top of your foot become inflamed and painful. It can be a consequence of wearing ill-fitting shoes, spending too much time standing up, exercising too much, or even simply dropping an object on your foot. If you have a tendonitis, you will feel gradual pain and swelling, and it might be uncomfortable to wear shoes. The treatment for this condition includes ice, painkillers, stretching exercises, and steroid injections to decrease inflammation.

Stress fractures

stress fractures are small, fine fractures that can develop in any bone. When they occur on the feet, their most common location is on the metatarsal bones. They can happen as a result of repetitive movements that place stress on the bone, such as repeatedly bumping or hitting your foot against something. They are more common when someone increases their exercise routine suddenly. If you have a stress fracture on your foot, you will need an X-ray to determine its exact location. Their treatment mainly requires immobilisation and rest.

Hammer toes

This condition causes pain on top of the foot and toes. Hammer toes involve a deformity in the placement of the bones that form your toes, which in turn causes pain and swelling. They are commonly caused by wearing ill-fitting, tight shoes over a long period of time. Congenital abnormalities and toe injuries can also make you develop hammer toes. This condition is usually treated using exercises and braces, and in some cases, surgery.

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