How To Choose The Right Podiatry Clinic For Sports Injury

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In any sports involving walking, running, jumping, and sprinting etc. there is a lot of pressure on the lower portion of the body especially the ankles, foot and the lower extremity. There are many injuries that happen every year concentrated in these areas. Thus it is important for an athlete to check with an expert […]

Sports Podiatry with ModPod

Sydney Sport Podiatry

ModPod is a clinic with modern approach to Sydney Sports Podiatry. Their name “ModPod” stands for Modern Podiatry. ModPod consists of a group of experienced physiotherapists and Sydney Sports Podiatry providers. Their unique methods in combination with the traditional ways have made them one of the most preferred clinics of Sydney Sports Podiatry and physiotherapy. […]

Seven Signs You Need to Go to a Podiatrist

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Are you tired of going through some problems in your feet and have no idea about the doctor you need to consult? Sometimes we go through different kinds of unusual health-related issues, but we have no idea which medical professional is the one we need to consult. In fact, some people are not even aware […]