get rid of fungus, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
How do you Get Rid of Fungus on your Feet?

Are you looking for information about natural fungal nail treatment? How do you eliminate toenail fungi? These are all good questions, and many have been struggling to find the answer. If you are reading this, then you are probably searching for answers too.   Eliminating toenail fungi...

Fungal Nail Laser Treatment, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
Should You Invest in Fungal Nail Laser Treatment?

How much is the cost of laser treatment for toenail fungus? Is it worth spending the money and can you afford the treatment? These are all excellent questions that people often have about toenail laser treatment and a few that you might be wondering about...

podiatrist in Macquarie Park, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
What to Expect Out of a Foot Expert in Macquarie Park?

For most people, the work of a podiatric health professionals in Macquarie is often a mystery. Not too many people know what a podiatrist actually does that is until they are advised to see one. If you are reading this, then you are probably in...

Image of a toenail fungus, by ModPod Sports Podiatry
A Review of Toenail Fungus Treatment – Which One is for You?

Do you have a problem with your toenails turning into an ugly yellowish colour? Perhaps you have noticed some yellow streaks on your toenails or some other kind of discolouration? If so, you may have toenail fungi; a kind of infection that affects the toenails...

toenail fungus treatment, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
Nail Surgery – Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA)

Often people are put off having this treatment because of what the title implies.   Unlike nail surgery performed by a surgeon (Nail wedge resection) our in rooms procedure is less invasive and has minimal post operative discomfort (if any at all). A local anaesthetic is...

Podiatrist in Sydney CBD, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
When to See a chiropodist in Sydney CBD?

Are you experiencing any problem with your foot and wondering if you should see a chiropodist for it? Most people do not realise that it is just as important to look after one's feet to maintain an active and higher quality of life. Some of...

Bunion Treatment, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
What are the Symptoms of a Bunion?

Are you wondering what the signs of a bunion are and the treatment options available? Are foot bunions hereditary? These are all perfectly good questions especially if you have never encountered the problem before. Having bunions can be a painful and uncomfortable experience, and it...

Image of a man getting shin splints, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
How do you Get Rid of Shin Splints?

Are you suffering from shin splints and dealing with significant pain in your lower legs? What do you do to treat shin splints and keep it from reoccurring? The said condition is uncomfortable, take a long time to heal and keep one from their daily...

podiatrist sydney
What you need to know about seeing a Foot Expert in the CBD?

Most people hardly have any clue about the field of Podiatry. What does a podiatrist do? Many encounter such a doctor when faced with a severe foot and leg problem or injury. If you are reading this, then you are probably wondering about the same...

toenail fungus
Getting Rid of Toenail Fungus

Are you wondering about the different treatments available for treating toenail fungi? If you have ever struggled with said problem in the past then you would know all too well how aggravating it could be.  Many find that getting rid of the problem can be...

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