cricketlab bowling feet
Cricket and Your Feet

How playing cricket impacts on the feet As with any sport involving running, repetitious actions can lead to stresses of all kinds. There are forces of high impact on the structures of the feet – the toes, ankles, muscles, ligaments, tendons and the bones that support...

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Footwear Review – 2016 – Brent Goddard

  With the summer coming and everyone keen to get out there and get fit again, I though it would be a good time to bring you up to date with the latest running shoe terms and ideas. The Footwear industry has gone through some massive changes...

Achilles tendon pain assessment
The Australia Foot Doctor Demystified

Are you wondering what the heck is a Foot Doctor (podiatrist) and what do they do? Perhaps you’ve been advised to consult with one for your Achilles tendon pain or any other ailments related to your foot and ankle? If so then you’re surely looking...

A Review on Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Headline_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] Are you currently suffering from a fungal infection on your toenails? It’s a debilitating condition and one that causes great concern for most people reeling from such an infection. It’s not as uncommon as you might think; according to the Australasian College of Dermatologists...

Image of an orthotic insoles being fitted to a patient
A Look at the Different Types of Orthotics in Dee Why

Are you wondering about the different kinds of Custom Footbeds available in the market? Perhaps you’ve been advised to start wearing custom footbeds for Plantar Fasciitis (one of the most common causes of chronic heel pain attributed to tissue inflammation)? These devices are basically sole inserts that...

Foot care tips if you have diabetes, Image by ModPod Sports Podiatry
Diabetes and Your Feet

It's especially important to look after your feet if you have diabetes. Here's how to take care of your feet and advice on when to get professional help. Diabetes can reduce the blood supply to your feet and cause a loss of feeling known as peripheral neuropathy. This can...

Image of painful bunions by ModPod Podiatry
All About Your Bunions

Your Bunions and how to manage them.  What is a Bunion – To most people a Bunion means a bony bump on the side of the big toe. In reality the bunion is just one sign of a complex structural deformity resulting in pain.The condition is...

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Hiking Interview With Caro From Lots A Fresh Air

Happy Feet for Hiking - Expert Podiatrist November 3, 2015 by As hikers or bushwalkers, we’re constantly putting our bodies, and our feet in particular, through terrain that the average city dweller can only imagine. With consistently uneven surfaces, steep ascents and descents, pack carrying and in...

Image for Achilles Tendon by ModPod Podiatry
Achilles Tendon

Achilles tendinosis Lately at the practice we’ve been treating a lot of patients suffering from Achilles Tendinopathy. Now many patients don’t actually know what that is, and that’s why today I want to shed some light on the topic about this today so that you don’t...

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