Foot Anatomy

Your feet are amongst the most complex structures in your entire body. They are made up of dozens of bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons that work together to allow you to perform a variety of movements. They are also responsible for supporting the weight of your entire body throughout the day, cushioning the numerous impacts […]

Foot Doctor

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If you have ever suffered from any type of foot injury or discomfort, it is very likely that someone recommended you to go to a podiatrist sydney. And you might have wondered, what is a podiatrist? Are they a foot doctor? Are the physiotherapists? What will they do to improve your condition? What Is A […]

Pain On Top Of Foot

Pain On Top Of Foot

Our feet are made up of many bones, tendons, ligaments, and joins. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are many possible causes of foot pain, and that depending on the affected structures, this pain can occur on different areas of your feet. Feeling pain on top of  foot is not uncommon, and it can […]

Tendonitis Foot

Pain On Top Of Foot

Tendons are bands of strong tissue that attach your muscles to your bones. They are not elastic, but they are flexible enough to allow your muscles to stretch and contract and thus generate movement. Like all the tissues in your body, tendons can become injured or inflamed. A tendonitis occurs when one of these tendons […]

Pain in the arch of foot

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Pain in the arch of foot is very common.  Each of your feet has three arches that help maintain its characteristic shape. There are two longitudinal arches, along with one transversal arch. These foot arches are formed by the bones in your tarsus and metatarsus, bound together by numerous muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the plantar […]

Foot Cramps

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Foot cramps can happen to anyone. They are unexpected and when they happen, they can put a real damper on the rest of your day. Cramps can happen anywhere on your body, but foot cramps are especially uncomfortable, since they make it harder for you to walk and move around as usual. Foot cramps can […]

Pain On The Side Of The Foot

woman experiencing foot pain

Pain on the side of your foot, also known as lateral foot pain, is pain that affects the outer portion of your foot, and even your ankle. Depending on the underlying condition that is causing the pain on the side of your foot, it can occur when you wake up, or when you are standing, […]

Foot Bones

Have you ever wondered how your feet manage to support the weight of your entire body? Or thought about the many ways in which your feet manage to move without hurting? Our feet are one of the most complex structures in the human body. They have evolved over thousands of years to become stable and […]

Foot Pain

Foot Pain

Our feet are probably amongst the most important parts in our entire body, but we don’t really think about them most of the time. However, having foot pain is incredibly uncomfortable and can keep you from carrying out your daily routine. There are many possible causes of foot pain; and some are easier to fix […]

Corn On Foot

Corns, also known as clavus or clavi, are calluses made of dead skin that tend to appear on the hairless surfaces of your hands and feet. Their most common location is on the dorsal areas of toes or corn on foot. What Are Corns? Corns on foot are formed by layers of dead skin which […]