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If you have ever suffered from any type of foot injury or discomfort, it is very likely that someone recommended you to go to a podiatrist sydney. And you might have wondered, what is a podiatrist? Are they a foot doctor? Are the physiotherapists? What will they do to improve your condition?

What Is A Foot Doctor?

Podiatrists are, indeed, the ultimate foot doctors. They are healthcare professionals that receive special training which qualifies them to prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate conditions and diseases that affect the lower limbs and feet. Podiatrist are also able to treat the effects that systemic diseases, such as diabetes and lupus, can have on your feet. Additionally, they can prescribe medications as needed; for example, prescribing antibiotics to treat bacterial infections of the feet.

Podiatrists have to complete a degree in a podiatric medical school in order to obtain their degree; this includes going through years of clinical practice to put their knowledge to use. After completing their podiatry degree, many foot doctors choose to pursue further education in order to receive training in a more specific field.

What Do They Do?

In their daily practice, podiatrists tend to work alongside other healthcare professionals in a multidisciplinary team. Since foot injuries can be so complex, and stem from many different causes, patients often need to receive care from different professionals who can each handle a different area of treatment. This multidisciplinary team includes podiatrists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, amongst others.

Podiatrists, or foot doctors, are also experts at prevention. A large number of painful foot conditions can be avoided through simple prevention techniques. Your podiatrist can help you achieve this by analyzing your gait and feet biomechanics, and determining ways to correct any abnormalities before you develop a deformity or injury. They can provide the patient education that you need to achieve better habits and overall foot health.

Can They Help Children?

Their work is also incredibly important for children. When a child has any sort of foot defect, such as flat feet or feet that point inward, a podiatrists will be able to prescribe the exercises and orthotics that are needed to correct the abnormality. Seeking out this treatment during the child’s early years can be the key to give your kid a happy, pain-free childhood.

Podiatrists, along with their team, use their training to prevent injury and heal disorders that can stop us from leading a full life. Our feet are incredibly complex structures that allow us to walk, jump, run, and carry out our daily activities; and although it’s easy to forget about them sometimes, any condition that causes foot pain can be very cumbersome. Podiatrists are there to help you get back to top shape and return to your normal life.

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