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The ModPod Podiatry team in Neutral Bay know how necessary your feet are in moving your body around from A to B. Your foot and ankle structure is vital for absorbing the impact of walking and running, as well as supporting and balancing your body throughout your busy day.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort while walking, running or even standing, a consultation with our Podiatrists Neutral Bay will have you back to work and on the sports field in no time at all.

Solutions to Aid Your Feet

With a broad range of orthotic and alternative assessments, diagnosis, treatments and advice ModPod Podiatry have a solution for you.

The study of biomechanics is important when determining what the cause of the injury is, and therefore, how we can prevent the injury from re-occurring

General care and maintenance for your feet and ankles

Nail fungus is one of the most common problems that we treat

If conservative treatment of a minor ingrown toenail does not succeed or if the ingrown toenail is severe, surgical management is recommended

Soundwave therapy used for conditions that are chronic (lasting longer than 3 months) and have been otherwise resistant to common therapies

Our Approach

The first step is to identify what the patient is suffering with and where the source of the problem is. Next, tailored assessments will help us determine what has contributed to the problem. Then, to get the patient moving in the right direction immediately, we provide the patient with a tailored treatment plan.

Our services include:

Podiatrists can highlight biomechanical patterns with angles, measurements and drawing shapes to easily monitor the progress of patients over time

Scans and maps the distribution of pressure of the client’s foot over time and prints a summarised report.

New technology to replace traditional plaster casting method.

Our Practitioners

ModPod Podiatry is the only clinic that has realised the substantial benefits of combining both Podiatry and Physiotherapy techniques. PodPhysio is a unique approach combining the key elements of podiatry and physiotherapy into one structured treatment plan.

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Book your appointment today and let the ModPod Podiatry team help you to strengthen, heal and repair the structures your feet and ankles, allowing your feet to cope better while we diagnose the biomechanical cause of the problem and resolve the underlying issue completely.

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